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Meet Our Staff

Olive Cleaning Co.

Olive Cleaning Co. began many years ago. It started with the belief of the owner Tasha Skousen, she always says, "Organization is the key to efficiency." This belief is what has formed this company and what keeps it so successful. Every job is done at 110%. No detail is spared and every job whether big or small is treated with the upmost importance. 


Tasha is the owner and founder of Olive Cleaning Co. Mother of three boys and one adopted daughter, so she knows how busy life can get! She is a 4.0 student at The University of Phoenix studying Business Management with a minor in Human Resource Management. Tasha believes that if anything is done, it should be done at 110%. Her passion for organization, perfection, hard work and a dedication to her faith, family and her team is what makes Olive Cleaning Co. the very best in the industry. 

Ashley is our Operations Manager. She has a decade of experience as an HR manager, Staffing and sales consultant and has been very successful in her field. Ashley lives in sunny California and travels for business as we need her. We are so excited to have Ashley joining us and know that she will add great value in all the areas she will be managing for Olive Cleaning Co. 

Edith is our Residential Lead and has been with Olive Cleaning Co. since the beginning. She has two fantastic boys and a wonderful, supportive husband. Edith is always finding ways to volunteer in her community. In fact, that is how Tasha and Edith came to know each other, through their volunteer service with the Boy Scouts of America program. Edith has an eye for detail, she is kind, friendly and always has a smile on her face. Olive Cleaning Co. wouldn't be the amazing company it is without Edith!


Darby is our Site Lead at a facility in Mesa. She has been with Olive Cleaning Co. for nearly a year and we love having her as a very important part of our team! Darby just married her best friend in June of 2020. She is also attending ASU in the Fall majoring in Speech Pathology. She loves clouds, hiking, water coloring, her husband and her sisters. We are so glad to have Darby part of our team!

Sydney is part of our team at a Mesa facility. She is attending BYU Pathway and loves to draw! Even though she just joined our team in December, we feel like she has always been part of the family, she is a great asset to the team! 

Enedina is our day porter for a very large corporate facility in Phoenix. She has the best bubbly personality and has such a great can do attitude. She doesn't just do a good job, she does a perfect job! Her eye for detail and constant drive are just a few reasons why we adore her! We are so lucky to have her as part of our team.


Christine is our site lead for a very large corporate facility. She has four children and a wonderful and supportive husband. From the moment I spoke to Christine, I loved her excitement and drive. It was not long after we met that I knew she was the right person for our site lead position. Christine leads our team with kindness, thoroughness and that same drive that we love about her! She never skips the details and is always on top of things! We are so thankful Christine is part of our team!

Andrew is part of our night crew at a very large corporate facility. Andrew is very kind, he works hard and always has a smile on his face. He is always 2 steps ahead of me and I love that, he is is a huge asset to our team and we are so glad to have him part of our team!

Selena is part of our night crew at a very large corporate facility. Selena has two children one being only 5 months old. Selena is one of the most efficient, fast workers I have ever encountered. When it is time to work, she puts her head down and before you know it she is nearly done! She is always kind, soft-spoken and can I say efficient again! She keeps us moving and we are so glad to have her part of our team!

Why Choose Olive Cleaning Co.

Professional Staff

Every person that works for Olive Cleaning Co. has had a background check, a happy, positive attitude, a commitment to professionalism and is trained with the highest of cleaning standards and certifications.

Rapid Response Time

Once you send a request for a quote whether via email, text, phone call or through this site, you will have a response before the next day. We can even perform your service same day!

Competitive Pricing

Olive Cleaning Co. is competitive and affordably priced in our industry. We offer free estimates and a satisfaction guarantee. 

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